Solar Home System 50 Watt

Our s50 - Solantis Kit features              S10 SOLANTIS KIT FEATURES

  • Battery Box including 2 USB connectors and 6 regular connectors
  • 50 Watt Solar Panel
  • 2 LED Bulb Lights
  • 1 Super Bright LED Tube Light
  • USB Phone Charger with 10 Adapters
  • Rechargeable High Quality Radio
  • Dust proof and trickling water proof design
  • Free installation
  • 2 years of service included
  • Home Power station, 12.8Ah LiFeP04 Battery
  • 10W Poly crystalline Solar Panel
  • Rechargeable Flash light
  • 3 phone charging tips
  • 3 lights wired switches in 7m cable
  • 1 standard phone charger

Our Solantis Solar Kit Powers


  • You can power an energy efficent TV (DC, 10 Watt) for up to 6 hours
  • You can operate all 3 lamps for more than 8 hours
  • You can connect up to 6 lamps
  • You can charge multiple mobile phones during the day
  • You can fully recharge your torchlight and radio



Everyone can afford solar Power

  • Top Quality at affordable Prices
  • No more costs for dry cell batteries, candles, kerosene lamps or mobile phone charging fees
  • Flexible repayment plans offered 
  • After the final payment you completely own the system and you can enjoy it for years to come