The Solantis Foundation

The Solantis Foundation is an organisation that helps ORPHANS in slum areas of the North of Uganda (Gulu) to have access to shelter, food, substantial education, medical care, clean water, spiritual and emotional support facilities and quality treatment options for benefits of members and public.

We are focused as well on street kids which are mental dissembled to provide them mental support and provide occupational education to them.

SOLANTIS FOUNDATION will support these disadvantaged Orphans in Gulu. We see it at our responsibility to support disadvantaged kids and we will put a lot of efforts in to change their life to a better one with a bright future.


Sunday is living with his grandmother in Gulu. He is an orphan, because his parents left him when he was born. Now he is living with his grandmother. His grandmother is 70 years old and is doing a small trade business. Unfortunately, his grandmother is not able to pay for him school fees or other bills. Sunday is crippled and need urgently a wheel chair as well he would love to go to school to have a better future.

Solantis Solar Ltd will support Solantis foundation to provide the funds to Sunday to have a better life and to be able to move and going to school. Solantis Solar will support him with a wheel chair and cover the fees for education.


Gloria lives with her grandmother because her parents died. They were infected by HIV. They don't get support from anyone. The grandmother needs by herself urgently support to provide food to her grandchild and to herself.

Solantis embarked on an emergency initiative and provided her food and a mattress where they can sleep as well a blanket.

Solantis Solar Ltd will provide funds to improve the life condition of Gloria and her grandmother.