Solantis as an Investment

Solantis is a solar company with well implemented sales and admin structures, founded in March 2016.Together with the renowned Energy Globe Foundation, co-founder Dr. Lukas Gruener initiated the first solar home systems. After 2 years, Solantis offers several solar products, including solar home systems in different sizes, as well as various solar lanterns and electrical accessories. The Solantis products are being designed in Europe, according to the highest quality standards and thereby can provide green and clean energy for many years, when operated under the recommended guidelines.

The company profits from a strong Austrian management team, which unites more than 10 years of experience in Africa and the renewable energy sector. Ines Schreckeneder has worked as an international trainer for surgeons and had multiple long-term stays in Africa where she was responsible for different social projects. Now she is CEO of Solantis Solar Ltd and expands Solantis’ distribution channels and structures for the Ugandan market. Dr. Lukas Gruener worked as strategic management consultant and since 2013 with the Energy Globe Foundation where he led a solar business in Ghana. Since 2016, he is working full time as CFO and CTO for Solantis Solar Ltd.

With a head office in Kampala, Solantis covers several regions in the north, east, West and south of Uganda with sales branches and distribution partners.
Solantis’ mission is to bring clean energy solutions and other quality products to the homes of customers who do not have access to the grid. With great customer service we establish long-term customer relationships and to this end provide on-the-ground service through our own branches.
The market of solar energy in Uganda and East Africa in general offers huge growth potential. About 4 million households in Uganda have no access to electricity and can profit from high quality, affordable solar products. Thereby, special payment plans, loans and PAYG (pay as you go) offerings help a broad target group to improve their living standard.
OUR IMPACT on Ugandan families and households:

Our Impact on Ugandan families and households:

Solantis solar products have a significant positive impact on Ugandan families and households. They significantly reduce the costs for dry battery cells, candles, kerosene lamps or mobile phone charging fees. Also, flexible repayment plans with local financial partners increase the financial capacity and business opportunities for farmers, shop owners and families and therefore offer safer, healthier and better educated ways of living for many households in East Africa!